01 Nov

I am delighted to publish our 3rd blog post – featuring an interview with Dr.Swarna Vasireddy, a Family Practitioner  from Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Swarna first contacted me to order for a Terracotta Jewelry set that spoke of our artisans’ workmanship to sell at an auction in a Community Fund Raiser. It was the first time someone reached out to me for using our jewelry for a noble cause!  Of course I was thrilled and she also ordered a Brass and Terracotta set for herself to wear for the event. Thus began our long distance friendship!

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Swarna at the Fundraiser wearing a Black and Gold Brass and Terracotta Set with Jhumkas


Tell us a bit about yourself..
I grew up in Karnataka, my brother and I are blessed to have amazing parents who molded us to be good human beings and told us to make a difference in others lives and not expect anything back . I chose this profession, not for the prestige or the financial advantages, but because I  have an innate desire to help people .
Being a great doctor requires more than just years of medical education and thousands of hours spent in residency/ Post graduation. You need to be trustworthy for your patients and in turn you need to trust them.
I was born and raised in India.
After finishing Medical school, I got married to my wonderful husband who is an Oncologist and moved to US in 2001 .My husband and I are blessed with twin boys Aakash and Vikas who are joy and pride of our life . 
“I am a family physician which means I get to see babies to geriatric patients ( my oldest patient being 102).
I love my job as it gives me a lot of pleasure in helping people and building long term relationship with my patients and their family and thereby playing a pivotal role in them leading a healthy life .” 
What is your style mantra ?
“My style is fun, vibrant  and elegance blended in appropriate amounts to reflect my personality. I love to dress for the occasion and we participate in community events where I love to showcase our country’s rich tradition.. which is exactly why I get immense pleasure and sense of pride in wearing Color D Earth jewelry.”
(Pic Above: Swarna – we love your grace and classy style in this rich ensemble! )
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(Pic Above: Swarna is wearing a fuchsia and green vibrant sari accessorised with a matching Ornate Terracotta set )
(Pic Above: Swarna is wearing a Trendy Terracotta Set at her kids’ school PTA meeting.)

Tell us about Swarna, the mom..

I love being a ‘physician mom’ as I work part time and get best of both worlds .

Aakash and Vikas are our soon to be 12 yr old twin boys . Their love for each other is beyond our imagination.

Aakash loves to read, play basketball and hang out with his friends and cousins .
Words often times used by his teachers and friends to describe Aakash would be compassionate, smart and mature .
“Vikas is a smart , fun loving and mischievous young man . He is very lovable and his laugh is infectious .
Vikas has Cerebral palsy and he is so strong and just like the meaning of his name , he is progressing  and teaches us a new meaning of strength and endurance .
Our world revolves around these two boys who brighten our lives with their smiles and love . We are blessed to be called their Amma and Daddy. “❤
 Swarna, my heart swells with joy and admiration for your spirited take on life!
I am sure you are a huge inspiration in your community!
Wishing you more love, joy and success in all your endeavours!


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