17 Oct

Starting this week, we will be featuring our beautiful and inspiring customers from all over the world!

To kick off, we are capturing the vibrant buzz around the Navratri season with Divya Sriram, an Executive and Leadership Coach from Ohio, USA.



What inspires you to do what you do?

“I am an executive and leadership coach. I thrive in being authentic and help leaders discover and build their authentic leadership brand.

One of my top 5 strengths as per my Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment is ‘Self-Assurance’. That drives me to go out there and unearth the full potential of people to live a life of meaning and a sense of achievement!”


What is your style mantra this season?

‘Fusion’ has always been my style mantra. I love bringing colors, texture and accessories together.

“I feel a sense of pride to showcase my Asian connection with my western community, even when I go on meetings with corporate leaders.”

What does Color D Earth mean to you?

“Color D Earth signifies a sense of pride and vibrancy for me!  I gravitate towards products with a deeper purpose.

Color D Earth’s commitment to showcase the rich talent of Indian artisans work on a global platform is a great cause for me to support. I love being an ambassador of your work wherever I go! Vibrant colors are an extension of my authentic personality. I WEAR THEM WITH PRIDE!”

What’s happening in the Indian community in Ohio this Navratri?

“We have a close knit community here that love to bring alive all our festivals!

Sharing pictures of my first golu visit this Navratri!”


“I chose this vintage Kanchivaram sari of my mom’s and paired it with a Kutch embroidery blouse. For the jewelry, I went with a favorite Dokra and Terracotta necklace and jhumkas from Color D Earth! I love the eclectic fusion effect its created! Needless to say I had a fun Golu outing!”


Pic above : With a dear friend Vidya Saminathan who also decided to wear a Brass and Terracotta set from Color D Earth :)


Pic above: “With all our small gathering yesterday at a dear friend’s house!

Can’t wait to adorn the new Color-D Earth jhumkas for the Navratri Golu and Diwali get-togethers.

Its all about bringing together a new look on special occasions.

Time to get the spotlight on the artisans of India!”

Thanks for sharing the spirit of Navaratri with us Divya!  You look so graceful and lovely as ever! 

Wishing you all a Joyous Navratri!




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