12 Dec

At Color D Earth, we have 2 groups of people we are committed to – 

Our Customers and Our Artisans.

We endeavour to bring the best of earthy accessories to our wonderful customers from all over the world. We endeavour to bring as much variety from 11 artisan groups to you from 6 different states, while never compromising on attention to detail!

We ensure that our artisans are compensated amply for their labour of love ..they have after all spent a minimum of a week on the process of making a single piece of jewelry. We ensure that we follow fair trade practices with them, with a no credit policy. They can continue to create the best art in terracotta without having to worry. That is our assurance to them!

Every time you purchase our products, you are reinforcing our faith in these artisans who work with the earth to give you one of a kind jewelry!

Wear your attitude!

Wear the Earth!


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