28 Oct

We are delighted to publish our 2nd post in the series of our Special Customer feature – 

Sudha Manian from  Queensland, Australia.

A Sitarist, a Finance Professional, Mom, a multi talented woman with a classy sense of style!

Sudha started training in Hindustani Classical Sitar at the age of 11 in Hyderabad and Bharatnatyam dance at the age of 8, has performed in the All India Radio, Hyderabad for 4 years and also at several music events over the years.  She has given traditional classical sitar performances with her students and collaborated with other groups like Groovai (Jazz music) and IJIMP (Indo-Japanese Improvisation Music) to create and perform fusion/world music.

A CPA by education, she works as Financial Services Manager at Autism, Queensland, a lead agency in the provision of targeted services to people of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. 

She lives in Brisbane, Queensland with her husband, Ashok whom she calls her “soulmate”, her 13 year old daughter, Sanchia – who she says “is a reflection of me”, her 6 year old son, Rohan who shares her birthday and her greatest supporter, her father -in -law.

Here are excerpts from a chat with Sudha …

Queen Street me

The Sitarist Sudha – she wore our Terracotta Balis to a performance at Queen street mall, Brisbane

What inspires you to do what you do?

“What you seek is seeking you” – RUMI, this quote has been my mantra in life. For me, the power of these words touch my mind and my heart and inspire me to make this life count. Seeking, helps me dance with joy in life. It reminds me of the possibility of something unexpected, the responsibility I carry for my actions and quests, and how available or not I am making myself to the world around me.

Working as the Finance Manager in a “for- purpose organisation” that helps children and families affected by Autism is a reality check and inspires me to use all the resources I have to make an impact on our community.

AQ Office

Sudha at work – she accessorises a black formal top with a Brass and Terracotta necklace and Jhumkas

 Music as they say is strongest form of magic…..My music and dance is inspired by my daughter and is an ode of respect to my mother for her efforts, faith and love in me. It completes me as person and life seems to go on effortlessly when I have music with me!

What is your style mantra?

Indo-west is my style mantra. I love to portray different looks and styles to meet varied occasions. Formals with a touch of ethnicity and colour is my style at work.

with blue sitar (3)

Sudha creates a sensational contemporary look in a black jacket and pants accessorised with a blue Om Brass and Terracotta Necklace and the coolest blue Sitar!

I love wearing Indian art, be it jewellery, drapes or a kurti with formals to bring out the uniqueness and versatility of Indian designs!

White and red

Sudha is wearing an Ornate Terracotta Set with a cool off white kurta before setting out to an evening with her family


“Being a performing artist allows me to go all traditional with my look giving me an opportunity to wear bright and bold colours in traditional outfits with accessories. Here on stage is where I tell the rich and exotic heritageof Indian art and culture through my music and dance.”

Bagyam Sitar

Sudha performing at Queenstreet mall with students from her music school – Bagyam

What does Color D Earth mean to you?

 “Art is not what you see but what you make other see” Edgar Degas

 Every piece of jewelry from Color D Earth has a story to tell and I feel so privileged to be showcasing this art here in Australia. The origin of these beautiful creations gives me a sense of pride of my rich and vibrant Asian culture.  

Each artistic piece has been so thoughtfully crafted by the talented terracotta artisans, influenced by contemporary fashion and global trends and yet holding onto traditional Indian designs. 

The cause and purpose of this eco-socio enterprise makes Color D Earth’s jewelry unique and special and resonates with my personality -“use art to give life a purpose!”

You can listen to a short recording of Sudha’s performance here:


Thank you Sudha for sharing your responses and lovely pictures!  

Wishing you more love, joy and success in all your endeavours!


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