31 Oct

Our fondest memories of growing up, have got to be the festive times spent with family..        

times when people put aside their daily routines to live in the spirit of a festive occasion, be it a wedding, a religious ceremony,  or a Birthday!

It is that time that we put aside for our loved ones that make the happiest memories!

Our houses are cleaned, decorated with lights, rangolis and flowers. There are special menus and sweets galore! Everyone is dressed in their finest outfits and jewelry . There is mirth and laughter all around!

Makes me wonder, if life were like this everyday..then how would the world be!

Surely we can add that one special moment to our daily humdrum to create a treasure trove of fond memories.

One of my personal favorite ways, is to wear something special everyday.. it could be a favorite kurta or dupatta, or a sari that hasn’t been aired in a while! By far, my most favorite part of the day is selecting that special piece of earth I am going to wear that day!

Nothing gives me more joy than wearing terracotta! The special joy I feel, of wearing something so beautiful that has been created from fired red clay is magic! I’ve been doing it for 10 years now and everyday is still a new day! It could be wearing an old favorite earring or jhumka with a new Kurta or sari. Sometimes it can be a new Ornate set created specially for an old sari..either ways it is always Sheer Magic!

Featured above is an old Kancheevaram sari gifted by my favorite cousin with a new terracotta choker necklace set with black beads and small pendants in maroon, ochre and gold!

Here is to that ‘special’ something we add to our everyday living !!

Please do share what makes your day special! Would love to hear!



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