How It's Made

This is where the 5 Elements of Nature & The 7 Elements of Design become one!

• Our artisans mould wet and purified riverbed clay into beautiful, intricate, exquisite shapes.
• This not only requires natural skill but also concentration and attention to detail during the entire process.
• After drying in the sun completely it is fired in a kiln at a very high temperature to give it a stone consistency.
• It is then hand-painted in myriad tones and colors to bring our creations to life!

We offer the widest range of Terracotta jewellery designs, which are close to the artisans’ native styles.
Some of our designs are contemporary and eclectic, that are inspired by the fusion of different dressing styles!
At Color D Earth, the design, process and finish are what make the product so unique!
Each jewellery piece tells a story of its own: and is designed by our artisans with love!

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